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Macro Photography Feature!!

Fri Mar 8, 2013, 9:19 AM

Hey guys, for 7 years i've been here this is my first ever feature on DA, just found it funny to do it now for the first time due to my spare time right now!!!  I'm starting with some of my favorite Macro Photography photos, since is one of those things i love the most in photography... small life details...
A little bit on macro photography...

"...Macro photography, also known as macrophotography, refers to taking pictures of small things at close range. Although macro photography traditionally referred to taking pictures with a sensor that is larger than the subject, it currently includes taking pictures in which the image appears at least as large as it does in reality. The advent of digital cameras has made macro photography more accessible to the general photographer. Yet, professional macro photography with traditional cameras requires a keen awareness of lighting, focus and lens requirements.

Traditionally, macro photography is defined as any photo in which the subject has a 1:1 ratio with the photo negative. This means that the image of the subject on the negative is exactly the same size as the real life subject. So, no magnification is used..." In…

I've leaving you guys with this amazing video about macro photography... Best of luck for you people out there, stay safe, stay cool!!!
Namastκ!!! 3υ


Photographer Colin Hutton

Jumping Spider - Phidippus mystaceus by ColinHuttonPhoto Imperial Moth Caterpillar - Eacles imperialis by ColinHuttonPhoto Jumping Spider - Hentzia mitrata by ColinHuttonPhoto Leaf-cutting Bee - Megachile sp. by ColinHuttonPhoto Canopy Jumping Spider - Phidippus otiosus by ColinHuttonPhoto Syrphid Fly by ColinHuttonPhoto Glowworm - Phengodes sp. by ColinHuttonPhoto Square-headed Wasp - Ectemnius sp. by ColinHuttonPhoto


Photographers D.Kucharski & K.Kucharska

Green, shiny, horned and horny by Dark-Raptor Hug me! by Dark-Raptor Gasteracantha arcuata by Dark-Raptor


Photographer Olaf K

Hedgehog with wings by Orangutan-Klaus


Photographer Morten Aagaard

:thumb349391320: :thumb342472280: :thumb328976986: :thumb329292724: :thumb338780239:


Photographer PuppetSan

Journey by PuppetSan


Photographer Ines B.

linger by alterOFnotion


Photographer Hirza Wianda

Arrow by hirza Lalat Buah by hirza the Biter 2 by hirza


Photographer Erez Marom

That's how I Sleep by erezmarom Who's Your Daddy? by erezmarom Those Eyes... by erezmarom Mister Robber Robber by erezmarom Flight of the Dragon by erezmarom Orange tip, green gaze by erezmarom


Photographer Nadav Bagim

Tickle Me by AimishBoy The Offering by AimishBoy Swirling by AimishBoy


Photographer Borislav Kostov

Wondering by Deformity 3736 by Deformity 3534 by Deformity


Photographer Stefano Coltelli

Fly White Chocolate by Stefano-Coltelli


Photographer Alex

Ectophasia crassipennis by SelvaggioRocker Mimela junii by SelvaggioRocker


Photographer Robertus A S

Ant by robertfly


Photographer Aloke Sahu

Acherontia lachesis - I by alokethebloke


Photographer Predrag Petkovic

Dew 5 by Smederevac


Photographer Elkapl

Phalacrognathus muelleri by ELKAPL DEVIL by ELKAPL Flower Beetle by ELKAPL Diloboderus abderus by ELKAPL


Photographer Joakim Krζmer

New Directions by Healzo Sky high by Healzo


Photographer Alistair Campbell

Jumper with fruit fly by Alliec The Face Off by Alliec Flight Deck by Alliec Who Are You by Alliec You Cant See Me by Alliec Hover on Yellow by Alliec New Jumper 2 by Alliec Miner Bee on Ivy by Alliec Head on 2 by Alliec


Photographer Melvyn

Caterpillar by melvynyeo Eight Spotted Crab Spider by melvynyeo Eucharitid Wasps by melvynyeo Moulting Black and Golden Cicada -Huechys fusca by melvynyeo Phrynarachne sp. by melvynyeo


Amazing tutorial on macro techniques by Morten Aagaard:



Hoped you liked it.... Please feel free to share it!!!

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Stefano-Coltelli Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Thank you so much for featuring my photo! :aww:
hirza Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
what a wonderful collection, thank you for featuring me :)
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